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Websites are created to drive sales or relevant traffic for your business or industry, but nowadays there are fewer websites that succeed in developing business through websites. This is because their websites are not developed in such a way that influences users to spend time on those websites, the main reason behind that is the lack of good user experience. Good user experience is created by engaging content & design that influences the users to stay on your website or to buy something. We have created some proven methods of developing a website that drives true business & relevant user traffic, such websites are also capable of representing your business at any level of expertise. We also provide 100% custom app development services that are specially developed for a particular requirement and to meet the client’s needs.
Benefits of Web Development Services

Development Services We Provide for Web & Framework

Custom app development services
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Web Development Services

The website is essential to represent your business online. With a great representation of the content, a unique and user-interaction design, and the magnificent performance of your website enhances the user experience to another level, which makes you extraordinary among your competitors and automatically leads to increase the sales of your business. From education to healthcare and travel industries, a website is essential for every kind of industry for 24*7 online presence of your business. We provide services for web development compatible with the vast number of industries like education, transport, healthcare, fintech, travel, and manufacture industries.

Framework Development Services

Framework app development plays a crucial role in cross-platform based application development ( i.e., apps compatible with Android, IOS, and Windows with the same coding base ) and ensures the long durability of the application. It helps in reducing the time and the cost of the development process at the same time. Using this smart technology enables a wide range of new features and a well-organized design making you more unique among your competitors.

Custom App Development Services

Every business has its unique requirements, and in certain circumstances, ready-made platforms are not capable of fulfilling those requirements. Our custom app development services enable you a completely customized application that fits best for your business process and helps you to achieve the full potential of your business by optimizing the internal process of your business, that can be done by streamlining the procedures, enhancing the communication between departments, and improving the planning and reporting regarding the operation. We deliver web, mobile, and desktop software solutions work across all major browsers and mobile platforms.


How can Web Development
Grow your Business?

  • Our app development services provide you with an app for better maintenance and track record of your business
  • Helps to build the identity of your brand and keep it consistent and strong
  • Your 24*7 online presense will attract more customers
  • Provides you a better way of presenting your business
  • A whole new global market to expand your business
  • User-friendly design helps to generate more leads
  • Sets the customer service impression
  • That's what your competitors are doing in order to grow their business
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Build for the mobile-centric web application.
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Why choose REX WEB SOLUTIONS for Web Development Services?

  • We use the latest technology in the development of website/application
  • Less time of development resulting in lower the costs
  • 100% transparent and collaborative way of working
  • Quality assured and future-ready product
  • A one-stop solution for all IT problems
  • Flexible web development techniques
  • 24*7 Technical support
  • Client friendly budget

Process of Our Custom Web Development

Gather Information and Ideas

In the very first step of developing, our sales team gathers all the information about the project from our clients, which includes the main objective and goals of the project, primary targeting locations on the bases of which we develop the apps or websites, and the thoughts of clients regarding design or features of the project. After that, our research team gathers all the ideas from competitor analyses and combines them with the client's imagination to make the best that meets the client's requirements.

Making strategy

In this step, our management team makes a strategy and a sitemap of the website or application. We create this sitemap on the bases of the previously gathered information, which helps our clients to judge the basic structure of their project. This sitemap only describes the outer structure of the project but not the user interface. Moreover, we calculate the estimated time needed for the project on the bases of which we determine the estimated cost of the project.

Design mock-up

Now, our graphics team creates a mockup of the project, which explains the inner structure of the website or application. This mockup describes the visual representation of the project on the bases of which you can judge the user interface and experience. This mockup also helps you to understand how useful the final product will be and if there are any changes you want in the design to make it more useful according to your needs, then that can be done in this step.

User Interface Design

After finalizing the mockup, the design part begins. In the designing part, the website or application takes shape, and all the images, logos, colors, and videos are inserted into the project. After the designing complete, the client can give reviews to the design. If the client is not satisfied with the design, then it is recreated and again presented to the client. This cycle repeats again and again until the design meets the client's expectations.

User Experience development

Now, the development team starts the coding of the website or application as they convert the approved designs into working models. First, the frontend part begins in which developers add all the necessary animations and effects to the website or application. Then, the backend developers create the database, integrates business logic, and everything that works behind the design. Backend converts the frontend or user interface into a working web app as it refers to the development of the server-side app.

Quality Testing

At this point, the website or application is ready, but before deploying it to the server, it goes through several tests to ensure that there are no issues in working. Our quality team performs several tests like functionality, usability, compatibility, and performance tests. We also ensure that the website or application does not take much time to load. After resolving every issue in the quality tests, the app or website is ready for server deployment.


After the delivery of the project, our maintenance team helps you in the maintenance of the project and enhance the working of the website or application by regularly checking for errors and updating it by using the latest technologies. All kind of query or issues will be taken care of by our maintenance team within 12 hours of query registration.

We use smarter technologies to produce smarter applications