Product Architecture & UI UX Design Services

A design service used to design various IT products like websites, apps for mobile, web, smart devices, & industry-based apps using UI / UX design services. The IT products are vastly categorized into two types (i.e., websites and apps) websites are designed for nearly all different types of industries like education, transport, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and way more, whereas apps uniquely categorized for every individual industry like process automation apps (using IoT, ML, AI) for the manufacturing industry, data mining & cyber-surveillance to prevent fraud (using blockchain, ML) for finance industries, and a lot more.
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IT Product & UI UX Design Services We Provide

ui ux design services
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User Interface & Experiences Design

UI / UX design services is a must for any app or website. If you want to success any great concept (whether it is an innovative app or any website), user experience and user interface is very important for it. If you are making any website or application for users, the design should be according to what the users like, what the users want to see, the design which attracts them, the design which doesn’t bore the users. Your website or app is not going to trend in the market until it is user-friendly, even if your concept is good or innovative. We design apps and websites fully based on market trends as before start designing, we do a competitor analysis and gather some ideas to combine them with your creative and innovative concept to create the best product that got the trending position in the market.

Website Design

Good web design is essential for your online business and to increase your sales digitally, as it impacts how a user sees your brand. A user interface and experience design can also boost your website's ranking on Google results in an increase of users. We provide web design services that include custom website design, custom app design for web or mobile, artificial intelligence, and AR / VR infused apps using the latest technologies to ensure the most reliable and future-ready product for better growth of your business.

Application Design

Robust and scalable apps for mobile, web & smart devices, compatible with every platform like IOS, Android, and windows. We design industrial-based apps using different technologies like IoT, AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and many more.


Benefits Of
UI / UX Design Services

  • Provide outstanding customer services all around the world
  • Increases brand recognization and ROI
  • Helps in better understanding of your users
  • Attract younger users through personalized and realistic ways of shopping
  • Innovative customer experience will eliminate your competitors
  • The rise in adoption of these apps increases the success rate and business growth
  • Less maintenance saves time and money
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Why choose REX WEB SOLUTIONS for UI UX design Services

  • Quick and easy UI UX design methodologies to save money
  • Innovative and reliable design solutions
  • A collaborative way of working
  • Highly skilled professionals for every different task
  • Test and validate the ideas before implement
  • Full-time technical assistance for all time zones
  • Customer-centric designs to drive more sales

How We Deliver UI UX Design Services

Analysis and Research

Research is essential before starting any project. So, in our very first step of UI UX design, our sales team gathers all the information from our clients about the tasks the app or website has to complete, and the expected design layouts and features they want in their project. Next, our research team does a competitor analysis to check the latest trending designs in the market, and then we combine all the collected information to assure that the app or website is 100% beneficial for your business.

Concept Preparation

In this step, our management team discovers the best solutions and defines the features to provide you an efficient user-oriented design to resolve all your business problems. On the bases of all the collected information, they make a strategy to implement the ideas into the design and analyze the work process to calculate the estimated time needed to complete the project. Moreover, they also determine the estimated cost of the project.

Create Wireframe and Mockup

Once all the ideas are collected, and the plan is ready, our graphics team implement them into the design. First, they make a sitemap of the app or website that presents the outer structure and the linking of the internal pages of your project. Then they make a mockup of the design that explains the inner structure of your project. This mockup is the visual representation of the final product and helps you to judge the user interface, and you can also find how helpful the final product will be.

Technical Design

In the technical design stage, the design team starts the actual coding part of the project and add all the visuals like logos, colors, content, videos, and images to the project. Now, your app or website will start taking its shape. After adding the visuals, designers add all the necessary animations and effects to the project. At this stage, the design is ready, but it does not contain any features in it.


This step is essential to create a customer-centric website or app as we present the ready technical design to the customer for the reviews. If the customer does not find anything useful or does not like the design, our design team will recreate that part of the website or app and again present it to the customer. This cycle repeats again and again till the customer approves the design.

Fully Functioned UI UX

The approved design is now ready for the final finishing. The development team converts the visual design into the fully-functioning UI UX design. They add all the features into the app or website and make them work with the help of the technical coding. The app or website is finally ready, and the customer can judge the user experience. Before the project goes for testing, we get final reviews from the client.

Quality testing

Before deploying the app or website to the server, it goes through several tests to make sure that the app or website is functioning accurately. Our quality team checks various aspects of the project like functionality, performance, usability, and compatibility of the app or website. They built the quality of the project by making sure that there are no errors or bugs left in the project, and it should be more scalable and reliable.


Our work does not finish after the delivery of the product as our maintenance team will enhance the working of the app or website by regularly checking for errors and bugs. They will also keep your app or website up to date by adding the latest features using the most advanced technology available in the market. Any query will be taken care of within 12 hours of the query registration.