We provide Speed, security and reliability technologies
Transport & logistics innovation is needed to guide you to a low-carbon future. We provide our customers with transport and logistics facilities and help them implement all the latest technologies. We also offer technical advice.
How we Delivers Business Value?
To monitor your activities and predict malfunction, use the Internet of Things (IoT). Add Big Data alternatives to your activities and gain precious insights.
Logistics Management System
We provide IoT-driven warehousing logistics software solutions and optimize procedures such as stock management, picking, and auditing. We build a scalable supply chain management scheme for streamlining activities, reducing operating costs, and increasing quicker. Our solutions assist various logistics partners connect to one common management platform, leading in cost and complexity reductions.
  • Vehicle Tracking and Route Generation
  • Custom IoT Solutions for Chain Supply
  • Smart Warehousing
  • Cargo Management Systems
  • Fleet management in real time
 Logistics Management System
Transportation Management
We provide a system to monitor vehicles in their fleet in real-time, offer driver route-related instructions, perform remote vehicle diagnosis, and analyze system-generated information for business advantages. Easily track your vehicle fleet with our mobile applications and desktop solutions supplied for fleet management. We use Big Data technology and Machine Learning software solutions to collect sensor data.
  • Fleet management and tracking
  • Timely tracking
  • Big Data & Artificial Intelligence Dashboard
  • Transportation Planning
  • Cloud Computing
  • Calculation and monitoring of fuel consumption
  • Driver behaviour logs
  • Real-time GPS tracking of vehicles
 Online E-Learning Solutions
Data-centered logistics and supply chain
Data is a major component in any system. To collect sensor data, we use Big Data and Machine Learning and software solutions for logistics. We provide you a single dashboard to get all competitive perspectives.
  • Big Data Dashboards
  • Custom Logistics Software Solutions
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Lower client difficulties and expenses
 Online E-Learning Solutions
On-demand Taxi Apps
People have embraced the concept of hiring a cab in significant towns very well and now they just book Mobile's cab.
  • Lower client difficulties and expenses
  • Delivery in time at desirable cost
  • Runtime travel arrangements
  • Destination information and directions
 Online E-Learning Solutions
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