Identity Recognization & Motion Detection

Identity recognization is the best solution for security purposes as it is the quickest and safest method of securing your valuable assets or personal place. On the other hand, motion detection is used in automation and security systems of restricted areas. For security systems, both of them are used to detect faces, the unique number of the vehicles, the number of people walking and their distance for self-driving cars, etc. We provide solutions related to motion & object detection and identity recognization that have a vast number of benefits like fraud detection, criminal verification, access & security, marketing, etc.
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Services Provided Using Identity Recognization & Motion Detection

Identity Recognization & Motion Detection
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Face Recognization

It is an Artificial Intelligence-based technology that identifies human faces. It has numerous benefits in providing better security and workspace automation as it enhances security surveillance by enabling easy tracking of the thieves, fast processing by instant face recognization, easy integrating and low investment in adding it to the old security softwares, and it reduces fraud by automating face recognization. We develop algorithms for face recognization and softwares for security systems which are beneficial for different industries in different ways like in automobile industry it is used to detect whether the driver is energetic to drive or not, healthcare industries use it to detect the illness of the patient, in security systems of industries, government offices, or banks, in mobile or computer security systems by face detection unlock, etc.

Motion Detection

Motion detectors are algorithms used for working of motion sensors used in security systems, automation of industries, homes, or traffic lights, etc. Motion detectors are used by many different industries that found advantageous for them for example, it is used in the automatic light control system used in industries, homes, traffic lights, and smart cities as it turns on the lights when detect motion, in automobile industries, it is used in self-driving cars, in retail stores, it is used to automatic opening of entry gates and verify passes, it keeps proscribed person out of restricted area, entertainment industries use it in games to enhance the gameplay, etc. We develop customized algorithms and softwares for automation and security systems.

Object Detection

Object detection is splitting into a range of industries, through use scenarios varying from personal safety to workspace productivity. Object detection is introduced in several computer vision areas, such as picture recovery, security surveillance, autonomous vehicle technologies, and inspection of machinery. We use this technology to develop algorithms used in optical text reader, tracking objects distance, size, shape, etc., face recognization, extract an object from an image or video, activity recognization, object recognization for searching image, etc. This technology is used in mobile development or mobile apps to add interesting and advanced features.

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