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  • Analyze information to assist the company know its strengths and weaknesses
  • Increases sales by driving more customers via mobile app
  • Provides simple and secure mobile payment methods
  • Boost Branding and helps in Brand Recognition
  • Social media, the Web and outreach
  • Location-specific business reach
  • Improved Customer Experience
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Benefits of mobile app development

Mobile App Development Services for better business growth

Iphone app development services

IOS App Development Services

IOS is Apple's mobile operating system that runs on iPhone, iPad, and iPod hardware. Some tools, and resources like Xcode, are provided by Apple to create applications that are compatible with these devices. These apps are beneficial for various industries like construction industries are using Ipad apps to store blueprints, healthcare industries to view images from CT, MRI, X-Ray, Ultrasound scans, entertainment industries to provide extra features in IOS based TV's, food industries to store recipes, organize or plan meals and to track the grocery list, and countless uses by several industries. Get an app that makes full use of your IOS device using our IOS or iPhone app development services.

Android app development services

Android App Development Services

There are across 1.4 billion active users of android applications, which provide you with a wide range of digital market for your business. Many industries are expanding their business using android applications for example, e-commerce industries are increasing their sales by 200% by providing their services via mobile apps, travel industries are using hotel apps to attract users by giving discounts, food industries are rapidly growing due to the adaptive use of mobile apps by the users, and many more. We provide various android app development services to numerous industries like logistics and transport, education, real estate, healthcare, travel, and way more to make their working process easy and more organized.

Mobile app development services

On-demand App Development Services

On-demand application act as an intermediate between the customer and the business owner. These apps cover many different sectors that allow consumers to purchase multiple products or services range from grocery to laundry, food delivery, car rental, and healthcare services. If you want to make full use of the highly extensible application for your business, then it must have the right features in it. Such apps help in boosting the ROI of your business. We built on-demand apps beneficial for various industries in extending their business digitally.

erp system app development

ERP System App Development Services

ERP is a business process management system that manages the business by automating the tasks and makes it easy for you to maintain the everyday operations of your business process. Use of ERP system app reduces manpower and manual data management. With an improved centralized ERP system, you can increase the production and efficiency and streamline the process of your business, which results in reducing the overall running cost of the process of your company and increase in profits. ERP system also helps in the improvement of service quality, provides deeper business relations and competitive advantage, and more accurate data capture.

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Why choose REX WEB SOLUTIONS for Mobile App Development Services?

  • An assured high-quality application built with modern technology and features
  • 100% transparency, excellent communication, and management
  • Technical experts to handle any complex project
  • Innovative solution for all different IT problems
  • Profitable software to boost business growth
  • Timely delivery and under budget solutions
  • Future-ready product with flexible design
  • Full-time technical support

Process of Our Mobile App Development

Collect Information And Ideas

In the very first step of developing, our sales team gathers all the information about the project from our clients, which includes the main objective and goals of the project, primary targeting locations on the bases of which we develop the apps or websites, and the thoughts of clients regarding design or features of the project. After that, our research team gathers all the ideas from competitor analyses and combines them with the client's imagination to make the best that meets the client's requirements.

Analyze and plan Creation

The information and ideas collected from the client and competitor analysis are now combined to make the best app that meets the client's requirements. After that, our management team analyzes all the information and create a sitemap of the application. This sitemap helps you to judge the outer structure and number of pages of the application. On behalf of this information, we calculate the estimated time needed to complete the project and also provide you the estimated budget of your project.

Design mock-up

In this step, our graphics team creates a mockup design of the application. This mockup is a visual image of the project that will help you in understanding the inner structure of the app. It describes every detail of the product by which you can judge the user interface and experience and also find how useful the final product will be. If there is any part that the client does not find beneficial, then we will change the design according to the client's needs.

UI/UX Design

After finalizing the mockup by the client, the design team starts the designing of the application. The app starts taking its shape, and we add all the visuals like images, colors, and logos to the app. After completing the design, we represent it to the client, and now the client can analyze the design. If the client is not satisfied with the design, then we redesign the app and again present it to the client. This cycle continues until the design is confirmed by the client to make sure the app meets the needs of the client.


Our developers divide the programming into parts (i.e., front-end and back-end). First, the front-end developers convert the approved design into a working model, and they also insert all the necessary animations and effects to the app. Then back-end developers create an app database and integrate business logic to complete all actions. The server-side objects are integrated to support all the operations of the mobile app. Now the user interface or front-end is converted into a working mobile app and is ready for the testing.

Quality Testing

Quality testing is an essential part of the mobile app development process. In this step, our quality team performs various tests to the mobile app to ensure that there is not any working issue in the app, these tests include functionality, usability, and compatibility in the case of a cross-platform based app. After resolving every issue, we represent the app to the client for the final reviews, and after approval, we deploy the app to the server.


After the delivery of the app, our maintenance team will assist you in the maintenance of the mobile app and enhance the working of your mobile application by regularly checking for errors and updating the latest technologies to it. All kind of query or issues will be taken care of by our maintenance team within 12 hours of query registration.

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