The Internet of Things is not a notion; it is a network, the real network of all networks that is enabled by technology.

How IOT Solutions Help
Grow Your Business?

  • Improves company insights & experience of customers
  • Improves the working conditions for your employees
  • Understanding the conduct of consumers
  • Tracking of assets and decrease of waste
  • Increases Efficiency and productivity
  • Cost and downtime reductions
  • Better decision making
  • New business models
  • Improved security
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Benefits of IoT Solutions

Smart IOT solutions we deals in

Smart Home Controller Apps

Smart homes, another name of comfort and convenience. IoT is the virtual connection between the devices all around us and is known as machine to machine communication. Using IoT solutions, we develop apps like smart home controller that automate different tasks like lightning, fans, and temperature control of your home, office, or industry. These applications also provide you with security control that you can monitor from anywhere across the globe. IoT apps helps you in tracking the exact quantity of raw material in your industry or grocery in your home. IoT saves your time in attempting all these small tasks in today's modern world.

Control System Using IoT Solutions

Environment Monitor and Control System

IoT technology provides us with a feature of a real-time environment monitor and control system. This system helps you in monitoring and controlling some extreme environmental conditions like temperature, carbon dioxide level, and humidity in the air using sensors. The system collects all this information and sends it to cloud storage, and this information is accessible from any location by the user. The user can use this data to take actions to control environmental conditions. We create the application to access the data from the IoT cloud storage and represent the information to the user and also to control the actions.

IoT Service providers

Mobile Asset Tracking System

IoT asset tracking system provides you the security to your valuable assets, which are very important to run your business. These assets can be software, IT assets, tools, vehicles, medical equipment, and many more. IoT developed system allows devices to connect and exchange data over the internet. These devices can be tracked and remotely controlled directly from your mobile phone. We develop applications for the mobile asset tracking system that is compatible with every platform like android, IOS, windows, and cross-platform.

Smart wearables

Apps for Smart Wearables

Smart wearables are becoming very adaptive nowadays. Some of the most common wearables like smartwatch and fitness tracker work on IoT technology. Wearable IoT technology provides you convenient, portable, and hands-free access to your electronic devices. These devices run on an application that allows them to connect with other devices and share data between them. Our IoT service providers team develops the applications for IoT wearables compatible with various devices like apple watch, android wear, healthcare tracker, Google glass, and Microsoft holo lense.

Management System using IoT Solutions

Management Systems

Management systems are getting more and more essential in this busy world. IoT solutions has made many types of management system easy to operate like the waste management system makes it easy for the committee members, as when the level of the waste reaches the set value, the IoT system sends an alert SMS to the management committee, travel management system makes it easy to manage all the tasks like ticket collecting and luggage management during the travel, and many more. Our IoT service providers team develop the application to run the management process, compatible with various operating systems.

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Why choose REX WEB SOLUTIONS for IoT Development?

  • We evaluate the true potential of IoT technology in the present scenario
  • Develops high quality & fault-tolerant applications infused with latest features
  • Highly skilled team to drive innovative IoT solutions
  • A vast range of services with affordable pricing
  • Customer-oriented and scalable designs
  • Provides industry-specified & smart IoT solutions
  • On-time delivery for every project
  • Our 24 * 7 technical support will never stop your business process

Process of Our IoT Development

Gather and Combine Ideas

To build a customer-centric application, first we collect all the ideas from our clients, and get some influence from the trending applications. Then we analyze the objectives and tasks the app has to complete. After that, our research and analysis team do competitor analysis to check the latest trends in the market. After collecting all this information, we combine it to make the best app that gives value to your business and able to perform all the desired tasks.

Prototype creation and planing

Prototype creation and planingOn behalf of the collected information, our graphics experts make a prototype of the application that helps youin understanding the visual representation of the app. Thisprototype also shows you the outer and inner structure of the app that lets you judge how all the pages are interlinked. Now we create a plan and strategy by which we calculate the estimated time needed to build the app, on the bases of which we gen an estimated cost of the project.


After finalizing the prototype, the design part begins in which all the visuals like images, content, videos, logos, colors, etc. are added to the app with the help of coding, and the app started taking its shape. Now, after finalizing the design by the designing team, it is shown to the client for the reviews. If the client found any unuseful or wrong thing, the design team will redesign the app and again present it to the client. This step repeats until the client approves the design.

Choose a platform

Once the design is ready, the time is to choose the right platform for IoT app development. It is the best way to develop IoT apps and is very important as several platforms are available in the market like Android things, HomeKit, Xivily, ThingWorks, Ubidots, Kaa, and many morebut to choose the right one, some things are considered such as technologies they support, the cost of the platform, devices they are compatible with, and the durability of the platform.


In this step, our development team converts the visual design of the app into a full working model. Our team has divide this step into two parts, and first, the front-end parts begin that includes the insertion of all the necessary animations and effects to the app. After that, the back-endpart begins in which developers develop the database withthe use of IoT cloud storage, combines the business logic and all the necessary coding to perform the actions.

Quality Testing

Now the app is ready to use, but before its deployment, our quality team performs several tests to ensure that everything is working accurately. They make sure that there is no error in the app, and the data is stored in the cloud storage properly. They also check that the information shown by the app is accurate, and the device is accurately sharing its data, and connecting to other devices. After performing all the tests, the quality team approves the app. Now the app is ready to deploy and deliver to the client.


Our process does not stop after the delivery of the app, as our maintenance team is there to regularly check the app for the errors and enhance its working by updating the latest technologies and features. They also keep your app under security and monitoring. Our maintenance team willtake care of all the queries within 12 hours of registration.Click here to register now.

IoT stack architecture: Sensors/ Devices, Gateway, Communication/ Protocols, Cloud and Analytics