Healthcare redefinition with innovative technologies
We assist healthcare organisations to strategize & streamline operational processes by developing softwares to fulfill the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)criteria.
All-in-One Healthcare Solution
By REXWEB hospital management software development company
Patient engagement solutions
We maximize the web's ability to better serve your patients by synchronizing offline information with internet behavior, streamlining your workflows and handling resources efficiently. Hence empowering patients to regulate their health. Patient portals provide access to information, including the history, treatments and medications of the patient.Timely reminders to your patients owing to missed appointments.
  • icon Reminders & Notifications
  • icon Health record viewing
  • icon Synchronizing offline Data
  • icon Automated lab results
hospital management software development company portfolio
Employee & Task Management
Create a portable control center for your hospital equipment and enable incidents to be reported by doctors and nurses. Task management becomes seamless, increases care delivery, leverages income scale and best practices in health care. To assist physicians react faster to their patient's requirements, use mobile schedules and online consultation instruments which make life easy.
  • icon Task Management
  • icon Online Consultations
  • icon Real-time Employee Tracking
  • icon Scheduling
hospital management software development company portfolio
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software
We provide you with smart software solutions that handle your information crisis to provide you with excellent alternatives with cloud technology and more to handle your big medical information. The capacity to pass patient information rapidly from department to department. Improved management of outcomes and patient care with reduced mistakes in your medical practice
  • icon Improved diagnosis and treatment
  • icon Advanced e-Prescribing
  • icon Reduced operational costs
  • icon Increases the number of patients served per day
hospital management software development company portfolio
Analytics and Administration
We develop App for Healthcare Analytics using Business Intelligence. We provide you with the analytics to combine your patients critical health information with high-end technology alternatives such as BI, Smart Devices and IoT. Powerful administration portal tools to assist you regulate content, evaluate employee and patient utilization statistics, and improve workflows based on Big Data.
  • icon Manage doctors and healthcare service providers
  • icon Real-time Communication
  • icon Manage pricing and commissions
  • icon View analytics and reporting
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