Explore Blockchain technology's strengths and advantages with our broad spectrum of alternatives.

How Blockchain services can Help Your  Business?

  • Blockchain technology uses the classic centralized architecture
  • Cryptography secure information for your business
  • Reduces the cost of your supply chain management
  • Its transparent and secure way of working builds trust in customers
  • Make Faster, Cheaper Payments
  • Learn more about your customers
  • Improve your campaigns for marketing
  • Cloud Storage
  • Smart Contracts
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benefits of blockchain services

Blockchain Consulting & Development Services

Decentralized Blockchain Services

Decentralized Blockchain App Development

Decentralized apps are used to share a different type of computer resources such as disk storage, network bandwidth, or processor usage as the computer systems run on a peer-to-peer network. These apps provides a collaborative way of working and have several benefits such as your network will not affect by shutting down of one system, they are considerably scalable as they do not need any central configuration to add any new device or system, and they provide a fast method of file sharing to a broad network. Use our blockchain services to build a secure decentralized app as they are tamperproof, protecting your system from hacking.

E-Wallet Development

E-Wallet Development

E-wallets are found very useful in this digital era. The demand of these apps is increasing as it provides the users with many facilities like direct access to your account details, money transfer directly from bank accounts, keep records of all your previous transactions, and recharge or bill payments from any location. We develop highly reliable e-wallet apps using the latest blockchain technology with a more secure platform which are beneficial for many industries like finance, telecom, transport, logistics industries, and an online platform for the retail or manufacturing industries to sell their products online.

Supply Chain using Blockchain Services

Blockchain for Supply Chain

Blockchain provides real-time tracking of the product in the chain supply. In big companies and organizations, they have a lot of elements in their supply chain that make nearly impossible for them to track every element results in cost issues. Use of blockchain in supply chain management makes it very easy for the industries to track every information of their products that enhances the transparency and security of the supply chain. Our blockchain-based apps for supply chain management are very beneficial for the medical, food, and automotive industries and help them in improving their inventory management, eliminate fraud or errors, reduces delays, and increases the customer's trust.

Digital Identity system Development

Blockchain for Digital Identity

The old identity systems are insecure and fragmented. Blockchain enables direct control over your business confidential information and identities with more secure storage. We develop a tamperproof app, which is compatible for the vast number of industries that prevent your data from hacking, you can have full access to control of your data, and also gives you total privacy while sharing your data on a trusted network to ensure the security of your identity.

Blockchain Consulting Services

Blockchain Consulting Services

We provide blockchain consulting services for the best use of blockchain technology in your business process. We analyze your business profile and the work process of your company to assure the best use of the blockchain app and for better growth of your business. We also suggest you how blockchain technology fits in your business to make your business process more reliable and secure, uses and benefits of blockchain app for your business, and maintain your app by fixing the errors or bugs.

Is your business dependent for all of its activities on a third party?
If so, a blockchain would be a good idea for you
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Why choose REX WEB SOLUTIONS for Blockchain services & consulting

  • Team of full-stack highly skilled developers
  • Full transparency with the client
  • Customized and latest solutions
  • Customer-centric and business-oriented solutions
  • Fast delivery of projects results in a reduction of costs
  • Full-time technical support across all time zones
  • Use most advanced and upgraded technologies for development
  • Flexible methodologies to make your project future-ready

Process of Our Blockchain Development

Identify the goals

First step of blockchain app development is to identify the goals, what problems the app has to solve, and what tasks it has to complete. It is essential to make sure that the app meets all the requirements of the client, and it benefits your business. So, our sales team collect all the information about your business process to make an app that is capable of solving the expected problems and should be beneficial for your customers also.

Choose a blockchain platform

Once we identify the requirements of your business, now its time to choose the suitable platform for your blockchain app development. It is required to develop a decentralized app. This step is very crucial for the blockchain app development as the entire app relies on the platform we chose. There are many platforms available according to different requirements, some of which are Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, etc. So, we select the platform on the bases of the problems that the app has to solve.

Gather Ideas And Creat plan

After the finalization of the platform, now our research team does competitor analysis to collect the information about the latest trends in the market, and our sales team gathers all the ideas from our client to make a client-focused app. Then, we create a plan that includes the strategy to develop the app. From this plan, we calculate the estimated time needed to complete the project on the bases of which we give you the estimated cost of the project.

Visual Design or Mockup

Now we have all the information to start the design of your app, but before the technically coded design, our graphics expert creates a mockup of the app, which includes the visual representation of your app. With the help of this mockup, you can judge how your app will look like after finishing and can check the interlinking of the internal pages. If the client does not find the design useful, then our graphics expert will make the changes in the design, and again present it to the client, this process repeats until the client likes the design.

Technical Design

In this step, our designing team starts coding the app using the latest technologies and adds all the visuals to the design like logos, images, content, color, etc. Now the app will start taking its shape, and you can finally see and understand the structure of the app. After adding all the necessary animations and effects, now the design of the app is ready. After finalizing the design, you can judge the user interface and experience.


In this stage, our development team starts the backend coding of the app. Till now, the app does not contain all the features, so the development expert adds the peculiarities, and then the database expert creates the database for the app. After the coding stage, it goes through many different tests to ensure its proper functioning by fixing all the bugs and errors. Now, the advanced version of the app is ready to deploy and available for the end-users.

Maintenance and Upgrade

This step is necessary for the smooth working of the app and maintain its features. To keep your app up-to-date, our maintenance team regularly checks for errors and updates the trending features using the latest technologies to defeat your competitors. All the queries are taken care of within 12 hours of the registration.

We use blockchain technology to move from a centralized internet server-based scheme to a more transparent network