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Why Focus On DevOps?
Bringing Products To ‘Life’ With Intuitive & Magnificent Big Data Services

As to boost collaboration and productivity by automating workflows, automating infrastructure and unceasingly measurement application performance DevOps integrates developers and operations groups. In other words, DevOps is the latest tools that enhance the productivity and talent to deliver applications and services at a high speed and also the coherence of organization practices, cultural philosophies. While releasing new features maintaining stability is one challenge that many software companies find it tough to overcome. To resolve problems having to attend for different people/machines will cause plenty of frustration and unhappiness that might decrease your productivity. By standardizing the assembly processes and automating deployments, our DevOps services are designed to forestall such things.

Our DevOps Services
Bringing Products To ‘Life’ With Intuitive & Magnificent Big Data Services
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DevOps Services for Faster Time to Market
Ensuring agile delivery and removing bottlenecks in software development, Rexweb emphasizes collaboration, automation, integration, and communication. Associating the gap between the operations & development teams DevOps focuses on quicker delivery of applications. By reducing the time lost and swiftly bringing innovative competencies in the procurement of responses Ground-breaking solutions are empowered. Between the IT operations team and the software engineering teams we ensure close collaboration as a DevOps consulting partner. To have trust in the software solution, our expert pool of consultants helps in enhancing your IT processes. We focus on a management culture which enhances the entire software setup to complete collaboration, communication, and integration as a skilled DevOps service provider. The infrastructure, procedures and tools, delivery and maintenance of software operations are managed by our DevOps consulting service.
Across several leading platforms, by facilitating continuous integration and development and automating end-to-end delivery pipeline Our DevOps services ensure on-boarding of applications. We help various enterprises to achieve higher efficiency, better quality of software builds, and faster time with our DevOps consulting. To an organization DevOps consulting services facilitate the provider journey. In a collaborative manner, DevOps develops and deploys software. Producing high-quality software-based services Our DevOps consulting helps organizations align with the goals.
From the large scale, project-based system implementation to the continuous evolution of applications DevOps makes the paradigm shift possible allowing our clients to deliver faster with greater business agility. Enabling the enterprises to deliver applications at the pace of business it’s a positive disruptor that brings people, processes and technologies together.
In software development, DevOps improves efficiency and quality. To consistently roll out improved business capabilities we provide the businesses ability with our custom DevOps solutions. DevOps testing is a critical enabler and accelerator of digital transformation. Without having to go back to fix the issues, it enables the businesses to release high-quality software smoothly and continuously and significantly reduces the costs associated with root cause analysis.
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Our DevOps Services
Infrastructure ManagementFor any organization, it is a fundamental building block to achieve a DevOps methodology. In improving reliability and scalability CompanyName DevOps services utilize the cloud.
Configuration Management It implements the state across IT infrastructure, yet as standardizes configuration, this could be drained an agile and automatic manner
Environment Management For your consumers and automate your platforms our management services help in managing your code make your server and services ready
Automation Reducing the risk and overall production time, automating the deployed project makes the companies more agile and efficient
Virtualization With the help of this, further reducing costs substantially IT teams and developers can use the same network environments,
Code Integration & Inspection Continuous integration leads to clean code. It helps develop code, and make sure quality build and code reports

How we stack up


  • Angular 1.x, 2
  • React
  • Backbone
  • Sencha Ext. JS jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Socket.io
  • Liferay
  • Sitecore
  • Drupal
  • Kentico & Magento


  • IBM Worklite
  • Native iOS
  • Native Android
  • Xamarin
  • Ionic
    • Cloud

    • Google Cloud
    • AWS

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